Tips for Teachers: How to Have a Successful Interview

Having a successful interview may not necessarily guarantee you the position, but it will definitely put you in the running. You should approach every interview very seriously and use the ones that are not successful as a way to learn. If you follow these tips, you will place yourself in a very good position to have a successful interview. Just keep your nerves in check.

Look the part – You should be clean and dressed smartly for your interview. Use your discretion about how fancy you should dress. For some schools, a suit may be the right choice and for others, a suit may seem a bit much. The simple and very basic hygiene principles count – fresh breath, neat hair, clean clothes, etc.

Do a bit of research – It is always good to know a little about the school and the school district that you are applying to. It is never a good idea to seem like a know-it-all, but having some background on activities, traditions, etc. can help you know what to expect. You can also ask relevant questions based on this information.

Be on time – To be on time, you need to be there a few minutes early. Arriving at the time at which your interview was scheduled, means that you are late. Get there ahead of time and make sure you make a good impression. Being early also helps you to be calm and get yourself ready for the interview.

Be aware of your body language – Being shy is fine, but don’t be shy and closed off as that makes a bad first impression. When you meet the interviewer, give a strong handshake, make eye contact, and make sure that your body language is open and professional.

Have a discipline plan in mind – In every interview for a teaching position, you will be asked about discipline and how you will practice it. It is always a difficult question, so have a policy of firm but fair.

At all times, remember that you are there for an interview. Don’t be overly aggressive or too shy. Be confident without bragging and just be true to yourself.

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