How We Work

Caenz has a full-proof process that helps us match the perfect teachers and schools. Good relationships are the key to our success. We focus on relationships, detail, and personality. Every school has specific requirements for the type of teachers they are looking for. It is our job to make sure they get teachers who meet their requirements.

How We Work

We have three main steps in our process:

  1. Establishing Relationships

Relationships with schools and principals that may need teaching positions to be filled, is our first step. We value all our relationships with schools and want to make sure that looking for teachers is not a problem for them. We have very specific questions that every school must answer about the type of teacher and the type of person that they are looking for. Making a great match is about more than qualifications and experience.

  1. Studying Applications

We study every teacher’s application carefully and do initial interviews to see if we have positions available that will be suitable to their qualifications, experience, and personalities. Our process also involves analysis of the personality, work ethic, and other qualities that the school may be looking for. We try to give all schools at least two or three potential teachers when we arrange interviews. This helps them to make an informed choice about who will be their new teammate.

  1. Making Connections

The last big step is to arrange an interview between the school and potential teacher. Once the teacher is off to the interview, our work is done. We continue our process with the teachers who don’t get hired until we find the right spot for them

This process has placed many teachers in their dream jobs and has made many schools very successful.